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201 Carter Drive, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19382
Phone: 610-436-3200


Featured Department - Autoshop

Autoshop Workers

From left to right: Steve Hilton, Matt Johnson, Larry Krackov, John Schaefer

The WCU Autoshop maintenance is staffed by four people. They are Larry Krackov, the foreman, and his capable staff consists of Matt Johnson, John Schaefer, and the retiring Steve Hilton. Larry is a veteran of 18 years at WCU with numerous years of prior experience in the auto industry. Matt made a seamless transfer from the Grounds Department over 3 years ago. He possesses extensive skills in equipment repair. John is the newcomer to the shop with 2 years of service. He too comes with a vast background in dealership maintenance. Steve spent the last 3 years with WCU. His resume boasts 27 years in Cheney’s auto department. We wish him well in retirement. Read More about the Autoshop Staff.

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Work Control Center

Work Control acts as the primary customer service representative for the

Facilities Division

. Tasks include:

  • Communicate emergency work requests to Facilities personnel
  • Act as an advocate for the customer in trying to resolve issues and concerns
  • Provide group/ individual TMA training sessions
  • Assist with monthly chargebacks & prepare management reports
  • Prepare monthly TMA reports for management review

Learn more about requesting work, work orders, and changes.

Work Control

  • Phone: 610-436-2444 or ext. 2444
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-4:30PM

Can't find what you're looking for? Call the Work Control Center at 610-436-2444 or

email us





  • How do I request service?

    For maintenance, cleaning, and grounds issues, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Maintenance Request @ iServiceDesk.

    To request work to be done by our Moving Service department, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Move Request @ iServiceDesk.

    Before ordering furniture, contact our Design group by submitting a TMA Work Request and selecting Furniture Purchase Request @ iServiceDesk.

    If your request is complex in nature, requiring more than 2 shops or the relocation of several pieces of furniture, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting a Complex Request.

  • What is the difference between a work request and a work order?

    A work request is a request for work to be completed. 

    A work order is used by the technician performing the work and to record the necessary action taken, the length of time to complete the action, and any parts that were used to complete the work. 

    Requests are submitted to Facilities via iServiceDesk, where they are reviewed (several times a day) by Facilities personnel.  Upon acceptance, a work order is created. The work order is then prioritized and assigned to a shop/department.  Both work requests and work orders are tracked in our software system in order to generate reports for Facilities Management decision making. 

  • Is the work chargeable?

    Work needed to keep the University facilities looking as originally constructed and in proper operating condition is covered by the Facilities budget.  Discretionary and project work will be charged to the customer and an SAP cost center is required upon submission of request.  See the chart below for examples of chargeable and non-chargeable work.

    Chargeable Work Non-Chargeable Work
    Installation, maintenance, and repairs to special use departmental furnishing and equipment. Routine maintenance and repairs of all buildings and infrastructure and their related components.
    Painting not included on the cyclical schedule. Painting included on the cyclical schedule; standard colors.
    Keys for new employees and replacement keys; core changes. Keys for newly renovated or purchased buildings; broken keys.
    Services required for the set-up of events involving fundraisers, conferences, and external camps. Services required for the set-up of campus events.
    Hanging personal pictures and items on the wall.  
    Building and assembly of furniture purchased by department.  
    Landscaping for aesthetic purposes of the campus. Landscaping for specific academic purposes.
    Projects Grounds maintenance and snow removal.
    Non-routine Custodial services such as vandalism in residence halls. Routine Custodial services.
  • How do I check the status of my work order?

    After a work request is processed and approved, a work order will be issued and assigned to the appropriate department/shop.  Work orders will be completed on a priority basis.

    Use iServiceDesk to check the status of your work request or your work order by typing the number into the Search by Number box.

  • How do I make a change to my request?

    Be sure to include your work request #.

  • How do I check the cost of my work order?

    View your charges by using the Chargeback Expense Report @ iServiceDesk. There are also Directions for Viewing Chargeback Reports with information on how to reconcile the amounts on your BI Report.

  • How do you prioritize work orders?

    Level 1 = Emergency: An emergency is a situation which could injure a person or cause significant damage to a building and needs to be resolved immediately.  Call the Work Control Center at x2444.  No need to submit a work request.

    Level 2 = Urgent: Urgent requests are situations affecting the flow of business, such as building temperature issues, room security, elevator malfunctions, or water/sewer issues, and need to be resolved today.

    Level 3 = Routine: Routine service requests are considered a normal priority and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. You can expect them to be completed in about 3 business days, depending on higher priority work & campus events.

    Level 4 = Fixed Date Repairs or requests for service that need to be completed by or on a specific date such as events and work in classrooms.

  • Tips to help expedite a request

    Elevator issues
    Call the Work Control Center @ x2444 so they can contact the on-campus elevator contractor.

    Making a change to a recently submitted TMA Work Request
    Email with your changes, including the TMA Work Request or Work Order #. Do not submit a second request, as this will create a duplication in the process and a possible delay in service.

News and Alerts


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 Shuttle Bus Services


The Facilities Division, led by Associate Vice President Gary Bixby, manages the operations and maintenance for West Chester University. This includes:
  • Campus Facilities Maintenance
  • Grounds and Custodial Services
  • Fleet
  • Utilities
  • Master Planning
  • Project Planning and Design
  • Renovation and Construction

Our mission is to provide excellent service in a customer-focused, safe, efficient and sustainable manner in order to ensure the ongoing safety, integrity, and value of University facilities. We are a responsive team that provides around the clock support services to the campus community and we take great pride in caring for the properties and grounds entrusted to us.

The goal of our website is to provide 'one-stop' shopping for our customers to initiate a work request, access information about WCU buildings and projects, or request a special event.

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